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Upon the High Street

Upon the High Street is a project, created collaboratively between myself and Joshua Atkins.


The images in this project focus on the high street and surrounding streets of Chatham in Kent. We make regular trips here, documenting the people and landscapes that make up this area.


Since the rise of online shopping and the restrictions that have come with Covid-19 the once bustling streets of Chatham have seen a substantial reduction in the everyday shopper. The High Streets decline has meant the majority of shops in Britain are now made up of vacant units, vape stores and betting outlets rubbing shoulders with bric-a-brac emporiums and struggling independents, however, this does not deter the hardened locals who visit on a daily basis.


From the people met and photographed by the pair on their trips, an immense sense of community is shared, as they repeat these trips the more they become part of that community.   


The project looks to document the possible ‘last generation’ of the High Street shopper as well as celebrate the diversity of the town.

For Joshua's work;

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