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Seaside Glory

As package holidays ebb and flow like 2p machines, baby boomers will tell you they used to be satisfied with a seaside holiday on the coast of England. These antique places of neglect have a certain acquiescence that is captured in this work – reclaiming the rust and chipped paint as part of it’s character – indicative of the people that continue to work and visit them. Concerned with holding onto their culture for as long as possible, not moving with the future; stubborn in their stoicism - seldom seen in today’s throwaway times. Though eroded by sea and age, these places and people still remain, discoloured and faded – a capsule of how things used to be - remaining here in the present, full of it’s fledgling life.

This is the GLORY of the seaside – it’s people, it’s buildings, it’s beaches, it’s amusements – a generation that existed 50 years ago, that still exists today.

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