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Upon the High Street 

By Joshua Atkins and Daniel Loveday

Self Published - March 2024

Newspaper Print, 16 Pages


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Upon the High Street is an on-going project, created collaboratively between myself and Joshua Atkins.The images in this project focus on the high street and surrounding streets of Chatham in Kent. We make regular trips here, documenting the people and landscapes that make up this area.

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Seaside Glory

By Daniel Loveday

Published by ADM Publishing -January 2021

Collated Observations, 40 Pages 

Sold out.  

Seaside Glory, is documentation of coastal towns around the UK, a continuation of the photographer’s study on these places. This issue covers seaside towns such as Blackpool Hastings and New Brighton, taking a look at the differences and similarities that these places share. The project was taken over a period of 5 years, this is a selection of those images taken across that time. 


Blue Mud and Chalk

By Daniel Loveday

Published by Tyrocollective

Handmade Book, 20 Pages


Blue Mud and Chalk, is documentation of the Medway Towns, a continuation of the photographer’s study on the area. Previous work focused on a number of mini series titled, Untold Lives, which explored a three different people’s stories that live in Medway. The area is made up of five main towns and has a number of villages that also surround the area, each with their own charm and story to tell. Its history can be found engraved in the landscape either side of the River Medway.

Featured In

Everything is Narrative 

Everything Is Narrative is an anthology of contemporary photography exploring the open-ended nature of photographic storytelling. Showcasing images from 162 artists, this 168 page hardcover books measures 9 x 8.75″ and features a debossed and foil stamped cover. Curated by Noah Waldeck. 

Published by Subjectively Objective

168pp, Hardcover Section Sewn, 170 gsm Arctic Volume, 9 × 8.75 in

Edition Size 


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Portrait of Humanity Volume 3

These astonishing portraits, taken in over 50 countries, capture a year like no other in living memory. Though a global pandemic has made many of us feel isolated, the faces and stories in this book are a testament to our collective will to connect, rebuild and keep going.

With an introduction by Otegha Uwagba.

Published by Hoxton Mini Press

320pp, cloth spine, 151mm x 199mm.

Portrait of Humanity Volume 2

‘Humanity is now standing at a crossroads. We must decide which path we want to take.’ — Greta Thunberg.

Portrait of Humanity, presented by 1854 Media, exists to show that there is more that unites us than sets us apart. This collection of 200 intimate portraits and stories – shot by photographers all over the world – reminds us of our common struggles, our deep bonds and, perhaps most importantly in light of the global pandemic, the restorative power of community.

Published by Hoxton Mini Press

320pp, cloth spine, 151mm x 199mm.


Fool’s Paradise
The Journal Of Grievances, Volume 3

The Journal Of Grievances, Vol. 4 is a group publication dedicated to personal exploration. It portrays a substantial and unbiased view of a multiverse of experiences. A glimpse into worlds both odd and ordinary, where landscapes blend the tangible and the illusory. Quotidian scenarios resembling dreamlike aesthetics

Published by Antics Publications, 2020 
Hard Cover + Debossed 
8.5” x 10.5"
Section Sewn
88 Pages, gloss full color
+ Uncoated insert pages
+ Four triptych spreads

Special Featured Guest: Michal Chelbin

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