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Blue Mud and Chalk

Medway is a cluster of small towns located in the South East of England and separated by The River Medway. The river once fed these surrounding towns with industry and employment, now any major industry or employer are scarce and what is left is the remains of a once thriving infrastructure, a landscape framed by its history.

The project is an exploration of the people within the landscape and seeks to explore what is left. Medway is where I was brought up and still choose to live today. There is a personal connection for myself with the landscape and the people that inhabit it, similar struggles are felt throughout the area and this leads to a tight sense of community which is what I look to document within the project.

This project for me, whilst I still live in this area, will be ongoing and grow over time, and what I will look at might evolve. As gentrification becomes more prominent within London, the people of the Medway will change and become more diverse and there will be a different story to tell.

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