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Delicate Delinquents

Delicate Delinquents is a body of work that observes the in-between state experienced by adolescents entering young adulthood, feelings of responsibility and identity through cultures, behaviour, style and the uniform they wear to the outside world.

The collection is an account of the aesthetics choices by recycled cultures of the British youth and a comprehensive guide to their lifestyle and way of living, through a roller coaster of hormones and emotions, the highs and lows. Presenting a unique collection of portraits of distinctive individuals, their looks, their styles and their personal statements.

Through capturing portraits of individuals within their natural surroundings, this work shows their tough exterior that they project when confronted, pushing the tension between the subject and the camera, breaking the false façade revealing a true image themselves. The boys are displayed in a vulnerable way which would ordinarily be denied. The work attempts to change outlooks towards a misunderstood culture.

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