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 Town For The 21st Century

Heralded by the Greater London Council (GLC) as a “town for the 21st century”. 

This project looks to delve into the heart of Thamesmead, a significant housing project on the outskirts of London. This project aims to document the essence of Thamesmead through the lens of its architecture, residents, and the unique community spirit that binds them together.

Thamesmead, conceived in the 1960s as a utopian vision of modern living, has undergone significant changes over the decades. This project seeks to narrate the story of Thamesmead, from its inception to its present-day identity.

The project will encompass a wide range of subjects, including the iconic brutalist architecture that characterises the landscape of Thamesmead. From the towering concrete towers to the meandering walkways that connect the various housing estates, each structure tells a story of ambition, idealism, and adaptation as well as an intersection between the built environment and nature. From the tranquil waters of the Thames River to the lush green spaces that punctuate the urban landscape.

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