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Extended to the Coast 

Extended to the coast looks back at our island that is Britain, growing up most of my holidays would be to various coastal towns around Britain, which drew my interest to them, it is like revisiting a memory from my past.


The noises of slot machines and laughter, mixed with the crashing of waves and loud stag/hen doo's as they pass.  The aroma of sickly fresh donuts mixed in with the pungent fish and chips. Many of these places I have never visited previously in my childhood but a similarity of these things from place to place make each one reminiscent the memories. The images the series reflect a different view to that of the peak season, instead a view of quiet scenes and stillness. 

The seaside during the off peak season, has a different effect to your senses, the front often scarce of people, the waves and wind  being the main soundtrack to the visit, coats zipped to the top but ice creams and fresh donuts are still on the menu. The weathered locals that still front their shorts in the pouring rain. Dog walkers the only ones brave enough to hit the beach.



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