Portrait of a Seaside Town

The Margate School-Artist Residency 

Across two months the photographer visited Margate to create work based on the town, with a focus on the people who live and work in the town as well as capturing the coastal landscape in which they inhabit. This coincided with time spent within the Schools darkroom, printing the work he was creating. 

Previously Daniel created a wider series looking at Britains coastal towns(Seaside Glory). This work however focuses directly on one, that being Margate. Daniel spent his childhood holiday's visiting Thanet and primarily Margate enjoying its arcades, beach and of course the famous Dreamland theme park, which was reopened in 2015. He also studied his degree in photography at the CCCU campus in Thanet, which has since informed his practice. During the time of the residency, Kent (& the world) we're in Covid-19 lockdown, which is where the interest to create a piece of work that is more intimate came to mind. When the government is asking for isolation and to be socially distant, this work broke down these barriers through the scope of the lens, of course no rules we're broken this period.

The outcome of the residency was in the form of an exhibition located in the school, which is situated in the old Woolworths along Margate High Street 


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