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The A2 leads from the Port of Dover, into the centre of London ending in Borough. It acted in its past as a connection for the capitol to the English Channel and sea trade, now it is a lesser used route from Dover, a preferred route being by modern motorway which in places reconnects with the original A2.

The A2 road originated as an ancient Celtic trackway and was later formed into a road by the Romans, which linked London with Canterbury as well as the three Channel ports of Rutupiae (now Richborough), Dubris (now Dover) and Portus Lemanis (in modern Lympne). Landmarks from its history can still be found along the road, such examples as Mason Dieu and Rochester Castle.

Through its history the towns along the road were some of the most thriving in the country, with industry in abundance. This was largely due to a multitude of trading routes both to Europe and London, between these towns we're and still are expanses of farming land which also thrived for the same reasons. Now many of the industries that we're fed by these routes have dried out leaving towns with small prospects, acting now as cheaper alternative of home for commuters to the city, the land between these towns is known as being the 'Garden of England' is slowly is being broken up to fulfil these housing promises. 

The project is currently ongoing, as I take trips along the road collecting imagery. The interest in the road came from a recent move to a house located off of the A2, this then become my connecting road to the towns within Medway, the project since has visited a number of locations along the road between Dover and London. 

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