Blue Mud and Chalk

By Daniel Loveday

Published by Tyrocollective

Handmade Book, 20 Pages

Coming Soon. Summer/Autumn 2020 

Blue Mud and Chalk, is documentation of the Medway Towns, a continuation of the photographer’s study on the area. Previous work focused on a number of mini series titled, Untold Lives, which explored a three different people’s stories that live in Medway. The area is made up of five main towns and has a number of villages that also surround the area, each with their own charm and story to tell. Its history can be found engraved in the landscape either side of the River Medway.

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The Devil Won't Take Me That Way

By Daniel Loveday & David James Ubstdell 

Print Book, 32 Pages


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The Devil Wont Take Me That Way,  is a collaborative series for Daniel and David. The photography documents David who suffers from the mental illness, schizophrenia but channels this into his creative expression delving into painting, poetry and music. The work brings these elements together to express Davids way of life. 

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Delicate Delinquents

By Daniel Loveday

Print Book, 48 Pages


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Delicate Delinquents, is a body of work that observes the in-between state experienced by adolescents entering young adulthood, feelings of responsibility and identity through cultures , behaviour, style and the uniform they wear to the outside world.

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